PAWS4you Rescue cannot take in dogs that have shown ANY aggressive behaviors or have bitten an animal or human. We cannot guarantee that we can take your dog.  

Dogs usually become loved family members.  Sometimes people feel they are too busy, or their schedule is too hectic to give their dogs the attention they need, and think their dog would be better off in another home.  In reality, most dogs are better off staying in the home they know and love.

Our mission includes providing education and resources to help keep as many dogs as possible in loving homes and out of rescue shelters.

Please review the information below and other available options before deciding to surrender your dog. 

Financial Issues
Please visit the following websites for information about financial  assistance that may be available to help you keep your pet:

For financial help with veterinary expenses, Care Credit is a credit card that can be used to pay for health care over time.  The Pet Fund can assist owners with urgent veterinary care, emergency visits, or expensive surgery.

Breeders or Rescue Organizations
If you purchased your pet from a reputable breeder, or from a rescue organization, the contract you signed may stipulate that the dog should be returned to the breeder or rescue organization if you can no longer care for him or her.  Please contact your breeder or rescue organization if this is the case.

Time Constraints
If you feel you do not have enough time to spend with your dog, there are steps you can take to keep your pet happy, healthy, and well-adjusted!

  • Enlist the help of a friend, relative, neighbor or pet sitter to check in on your dog during the day and provide some one-on-one attention.
  • There are several cage free doggy daycare facilities in various areas of the community.
  • Provide puzzle toys or other types of mental stimulation when your dog is home alone.
  • When you do spend time with your dog, provide additional mental stimulation with training, interactive play, playing ball in the backyard, or going for a walk or jog!
  • Realize that any time your dog spends in your company is a treat for him or her, even if you are simply doing household chores or watching TV. Pets reduce stress and can add years to your life! Make the time for you AND your dog.

A New Baby or Family Member 
Dogs are fantastic family pets! They usually easily adapt to changing family dynamics, and can learn to behave appropriately with any new family member, whether it be a new baby or an elderly parent.  Please see the online resources below to help your pet adjust to a new member of the family:

Many apartments, townhouses, condos, and hotels accept dogs. Some places may allow you to spread payment of your pet deposit over multiple months as part of your rent. People With Pets is an online resource to help you find housing that accepts dogs.

Behavioral Issues
Is your dog exhibiting challenging behaviors? There are many local resources to help you address these issues. The Miami Obedience Club offers several levels of basic obedience training. PetSmart and Petco stores, as well as The Humane Society of Greater Miami, offer dog training at several locations.

Contact Us

If after reviewing all the above information, you must still make the difficult decision of surrendering your dog, email us at with the following information: the dog’s breed, size (weight), age, how long you’ve had the dog, vaccination status, behavioral issues, and a picture of the dog. Also, please let us know if you can keep the dog until an adopter is found.

We will review your request and reply as soon as possible. But, please keep in mind that we are limited by the capacity of our facility and are not able to take in all dogs.