South Florida woman honored for saving dog

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Turning the Tables For Paws

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Florida … And They’re All Adoptable!

Q: Help! I found a dog, what do I do (applies to cats, too)?

If you find yourself picking up a stray, take it to a local veterinarian and have it scanned for a microchip. You will then most likely witness another frustration that rescuers face, it has no microchip, never registered or the owner moved and never updated the information. At this point, make a commitment not to keep the animal, but to give it a temporary safe place to live, then partner with a rescue group to find a qualified new owner (and offering a donation for their involvement is the proper thing to do). The stress you will feel is only temporary and you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you truly saved the pet and did not take the easy way out and drop it off at Animal Services, where the animal has minimal chance of survival. You can make a difference.