Our Seniors Program offers a reduced adoption donation and other benefits to encourage individuals to give adoptable dogs over 8 years of age the second chance at love they deserve. In addition to the microchip, spay/neuter surgery, and up-to-date vaccinations that are included with all of our adoptions, Paws 4 You will also sponsor annual checkups and pre-existing medical conditions, if performed within our network of veterinarians and if necessary to your financial situation.
There are many reasons why older dogs make perfect pets: they are easy to house train, have lower energy levels, are less susceptible to unpredictable behavior, have an awareness of basic commands, and have even mastered walking on a leash properly.

Dogs can provide friendship and security for lonely individuals, and many times elderly people find themselves alone when they have outlived loved ones. Research tells us that companion dogs can help improve our physical and mental health. Benefits include decreased heart rate and blood pressure while petting a dog. Going outside to get some fresh air works wonders, and short walks throughout the day can reduce depression. Having an animal in the home keeps individuals active even in the smallest ways, such as letting the dog out within the fenced in yard or getting up on a schedule to feed it. A pet can offer a person a sense of well being, encouragement, and even a reason for living. Being responsible for another life can add new meaning to one’s own life and can also help an older individual remain active and healthy. And to these older dogs, adopters who will dote on them and allow them to lay at their feet is an ideal new home. There are so many reasons to adopt a senior dog. Besides their sizes and personalities being known up front, they are easily trainable, don’t require much exercise, and won’t chew your shoes. It’s pretty obvious how grateful senior pets are for happy homes, and they’re glad to repay you with unconditional love. Most importantly though, you will save a life. If you choose to open your heart and your home to a loving and deserving senior, you’ll also be a hero.

Contact seniors@paws4you.org if you are considering participation in our Seniors Program for yourself or a family member. Our volunteer staff will help you select a companion that fits into your lifestyle and housing situation!

If you don’t have room in your home, but still have room in your heart,
support our Seniors Program with as little as 60¢ a day.
It only costs a little to make a big difference!

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