Minimum age for fostering: 21
Minimum foster period 2-3 months - unless you apply to be a Hurri-K9 foster (read details below)

How to Foster

Interested foster home participants can complete a Foster Care Application by filling the online form. Once it is received, we will be in touch to discuss in detail the Foster Care Program and answer any questions you may have.


Why Foster

Paws 4 You Rescue has saved thousands of dogs since it’s inception in 2007. A crucial role in ensuring that rescued dogs are adopted is being able to place them in foster homes. Being in foster care allows those dogs who are under socialized, previously abused, scared, or simply too rambunctious for their own good to learn critical skills needed for adoption. It is amazing to see the most scared or sick dog be healed simply by having a warm bed and individual attention from a foster home. Healing an emotionally or physically injured animal doesn’t happen over night, but the difference between before and after are as distinct as night and day. The biggest reason we hear about why more people aren’t willing to foster a dog is because of the deep emotional connection foster parents will make with their foster dogs. But, trust us – it’s better to have loved and lost, especially when losing your dog means that that dog has found it’s forever home and will never again have to feel pain, abandonment, fear, or emotional distress. A potential feeling of sadness is expected when you sign up to be a foster home but the feeling of knowing you were responsible for saving a dog’s life is well worth it! Plus, it does get easier with each and every new foster.

What’s Included

A foster home is any home that can serve as a temporary shelter for an animal that is up for adoption until that animal can be permanently placed. Foster homes often times have other pets, but some people who can’t commit to having their own pet long-term turn to fostering animals. Fostering is also a great way to find out more about a specific type of dog you’ve been considering adopting. A foster home is emotionally responsible for daily care of their foster animal, while Paws 4 You continues to be responsible for any medical costs that animal might incur during it’s stay in foster care. Additionally, since foster parents often spend more time with an animal than the rescue organization, they are often called upon to report on the behavioral tendencies and personality of that foster animal when potential adopters have questions.

Hurri-K9 Foster

This is the most temporary of foster situations with the purpose of placing our dogs in foster homes during hurricanes that are not life threatening to humans. For those storms that we are able to ride out in the safety of our homes, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to foster a dog during a hurricane. Please click here to download a Hurri-K9 Foster Agreement and fax it to 305-253-3123 or email it to Don’t have access to a fax or scanner? Take a photo with your phone and email it!


Any initial questions or concerns about fostering can be directed to