How to Foster

Interested foster home participants can complete a Foster Care Application online form. Once it is received, we will be in touch to discuss in detail the Foster Care Program and answer any questions you may have.

Note: We do not offer community service hours for fostering pets.

Minimum age for fostering: 21
Minimum foster period: 2-3 months
Hurri-K9 short term fosters also needed: read details below.

Why Foster

PAWS4you Rescue has saved thousands of dogs since its inception in 2007. Fostering plays a vital role in getting rescued dogs adopted into their forever homes. We’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of providing a nurturing foster environment for dogs in need. Whether they’re overcoming past trauma, learning social skills, or simply getting the love and attention they deserve, foster care is where their transformation begins. It’s truly heartwarming to see the most timid or neglected dogs blossom under the care of dedicated foster parents. While the road to recovery may not be easy or immediate, the difference in a dog’s behavior and well-being before and after foster care can be remarkable. We understand that forming deep emotional bonds with foster dogs can make saying goodbye difficult, but we firmly believe that the joy of knowing you’ve helped save a life outweighs any temporary sadness. Those who regularly foster dogs say it does get easier with experience. Every dog deserves a chance at a happy, loving life, and fostering is a powerful way to make that happen.

What’s Included

A foster home provides sanctuary for animals awaiting adoption, offering them a temporary refuge until they find their forever homes. Many foster families already have pets, while others want to nurture an animal but can’t commit to having their own pet long-term. Beyond providing a safe haven, fostering allows individuals to explore pet companionship without the permanent commitment, while also offering valuable insights into specific dog breeds or personalities for those considering adoption. Foster parents undertake the emotional responsibility of daily care, while PAWS4you remains accountable for any medical expenses incurred during the animal’s stay. Furthermore, since foster parents often develop close bonds with their foster pups, they are often asked to assess behavioral traits and the personality of their foster animal, aiding potential adopters in making informed decisions.

Hurri-K9 Foster

In times of non-life-threatening hurricanes, we seek short-term foster care for our dogs to ensure their safety and well-being. For those who can provide shelter in the safety of their homes, we invite volunteers to open their hearts and homes to foster a dog during the storm’s duration. To begin the process, please download the Hurri-K9 Foster Agreement. Once completed, email it to as an attachment or as a photo of the completed form.