What to do if you find a stray?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

PAWS4you Rescue believes that all human beings share the responsibility of caring for lost or homeless pets. While we would love to immediately take in all homeless animals, the reality is that we must work within the limits set by the capacity of our facility.

Here are some steps to follow if you find a stray animal:

1. Contact the owner
Please check to see if the dog has a collar with a name tag or phone number on it. If the dog does have a collar or name tag, please try and contact the dog’s owner. If the dog has a PetHub tag from Miami-Dade Animal Services, the tag’s QR code can be scanned to reveal the owner’s contact information.

2. Check for a microchip
If there is no collar or tag, take the dog to a local veterinarian or shelter so they can scan and see if the dog has a microchip. Some police stations also have a microchip reader. If the dog has a microchip, the shelter or the veterinarian will call the microchip company to locate the owner.

3. Search PawBoost
To find a possible match for your found dog, visit PawBoost.com and search for lost dogs that match the dog’s description. If you can keep the dog for a few days, consider posting information about the found dog on the site to help the owner locate their pet.

4. Notify shelters
Our mission is to rescue as many dogs as possible, but by law, the county shelter must be notified about any stray animals found to determine if they are registered to an owner. Reporting a found dog in no way obligates you to take the dog to the county shelter.

After you have taken all the steps listed above, please feel free to contact us. Email us at info@paws4you.org with the following information: the dog’s breed, size (weight), any information you know about the dog, and a picture of the dog. Also, please let us know how you can help. Can you keep or foster the dog until the owner or an adopter is found?

We will review your request and reply as soon as possible. But, please keep in mind that we are limited by the capacity of our facility and are not able to take in all homeless dogs.