A Letter From Peanut’s Mom:

When I first brought Peanut home a few months ago, he was nervous and afraid of the new sounds and smells and all of the new people he was meeting. His former owner had dropped him off at the shelter after a long time together, and I think he was pretty confused after a year of waiting for a new home. After about week in his new house, something clicked for Peanut. He started playing fetch with his toys, skipping around the yard, chasing lizards, and making new friends! I think he finally realized he had found his forever home.

Peanut has so much personality and spunk for a little guy and he always pops up with his smiling face when you most need it. He is the most loyal and fun friend anyone could ever ask for. He is the perfect companion who is always ready for a long run, a day at the beach, or just snuggling on the couch. Peanut is the most amazing dog, my best friend, and partner in crime. My only regret is that I did not bring him home sooner!

Saving Lenny

Lenny has always been a favorite. And when we say always, we mean he’s been with us too many years to count. He was adopted out as a puppy and returned as a very large dog that wasn’t fond of strangers, which made him difficult to show. Once he got to know you, he was the sweetest guy – loving and playful, always wagging, with a toy in his mouth. A big baby! We all loved him, but it wasn’t enough. We wanted more for him. We wanted him to have a mom or dad, a bed, a yard… a home. We admit that after all these years, we thought it would never happen.

But thanks to our dog walking program, our longest resident finally went home.


A Miracle For Emma

Emma came to us in a Taxi. Yes, a taxi driver witnessed how this beautiful soul was tossed out of a car, onto the streets to fend for herself. To this day, we can’t stop thanking him for bringing her to us. As a senior, she spent months waiting for a special someone. When she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, we thought it would never happen for her, but thanks to an amazing networking push and our Senior for Senior program, Emma is HOME!

A Letter From Sadie’s Mom

Dear Paws4U,

I couldn’t let my Sadie Girl’s 10th birthday pass without saying THANK YOU for pulling her, her mother and siblings from Miami Dade Animal Services, for taking her in and for recommending her to me  — and for all you have done and continue to do for all the sweet souls like Sadie. To say she has enriched my life is an understatement, for she truly is my world.She has matured quite a bit since her puppy days, but she still runs and smiles and plays with zest. She loooooves people, greets visitors with enthusiastic kisses and makes friends everywhere we go.
(On our most recent trip, she charmed treats and pets from every manager and concierge at a Holiday Inn Express, ha!)

She was an incredible “big little” sister to Louis, her feline partner in crime for 8 years. She loved to steal his favorite toys and bombard him with kisses; he loved chasing her around the house and bopping her just because. Whenever Sadie would cry at a half open door, Louis would stand up on his hind legs and push it open for her. They were such a pair!

Soon after Louis became afflicted with chronic irritable bowel disease, Sadie became his constant, quiet companion; her kisses, once sloppy and consuming, became intuitively gentle, especially during his relapses. On our last night with Louis, I woke in the middle of the night to check on him and found the two of them curled up together in her bed, sleeping peacefully, a testament to their loving bond.

(When the time is right, we’ll be welcoming a new feline brother/sister to the family, but for now, she’s loving being a doting cousin to her feline friends who stay with us when their parents travel.)

In celebration of Sadie’s 10th birthday (tomorrow!), I took her for a girls trip to Asheville earlier this year where we hiked miles of lush mountain terrain, splashed through streams and daydreamed by waterfalls.

I didn’t think I could love her any more than I did the day I adopted her, but as she and I soaked in vistas at the peak of Craggy Pinnacle and I reminisced about all our amazing adventures, I realized I love her infinitely more.

In her I found the life (and travel) companion, the friend, the daughter I’d always hoped for.

The last (almost) ten years with my baby girl have been magical and I hope and pray every day for many more to come.

Thank you again for all you do! This world is a better place because of you!!! Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays!
(And I’ll give Sadie a GIANT birthday hug from you all tomorrow morning!)

With love and gratitude,
Tanya W