From Shaggy’s Mom:

“What I thought would last only 6 days has turned into forever, with each day bringing new realizations. The day when I travel and Shaggy decides he misses me too much to leave my room – the one place that reminds him of me. The day when I decided to shop for 2, the day I hire a nanny so he can be comfortable, and the day when I realize that wherever life takes me, it will take him with me. It is never easy to fail, but I failed. I FOSTER FAILED, because I fell in love with Shaggy. After 10+ fosters, I am finally ready to settle for my one and only. My last foster. My second pup. My support system. My biggest companion. My Grumpy Pants. My Shaggy.  

It took me 2 years to gain his trust, and to this date, he can still doubt me. But we understand the important things – I know that when it rains outside I have to stay in and hug Shaggy so he won’t be afraid, and he knows that when I cry it is acceptable to lick my tears. Shaggy is finally ready to become a permanent part of my family, we love him beyond words, and he even has a new name: Honey.”