Puppy Pluto at the ER

Puppy Pluto was being given away on the streets of Miami. Thankfully, a family offered to bring him to us because they knew we would find him a proper home, and not just give him to the first passerby. It was no surprise for us to learn Puppy Pluto had soft bloody diarrhea. Our initial thought was, maybe Parvo? Or possibly worms? Even after being tested and treated for worms, the bloody diarrhea has not stopped. At his vet consultation, his white blood cell count was extremely elevated. No parasites were discovered, and tests for numerous diseases all came back negative. With zero answers and a puppy in critical condition, Pluto had to stay at the ER vet overnight to keep him on fluids for the dehydration and loose stool. For five days now, Pluto has been at the ER vet. No answers yet; but he is being treated, and everything is being done to save his life.

Update: After fighting for weeks, we say goodbye to our dear Pluto. We are so sorry we couldn’t save him, but we tried. Thank you for your support.