Puppy Skyler is close to our hearts, and possibly the worst case of abuse we have seen thus far this year. Puppy Skyler was found behind some bushes on the street, crying from all the pain that had been inflicted on him. This sweet puppy was found with his whiskers cut off, his tail butchered, and a deep infection that required immediate medical attention. Not only were his physical injuries severe, but this puppy was left completely traumatized and reacted to people in a way we had never seen before. How can people do such things to a young and helpless puppy? To inflict such abuse on an innocent creature and then throw him away is beyond sickening. Puppy Skyler is being treated and will hopefully see some better days soon. Unfortunately, the infection on his tail has set in such a way that surgery may be required if the antibiotic ointments and medicine are not effective.

Update: Skyler has found a forever home!