Bon Jovi has been with us for almost a year. Normally, he is a very active and fun loving dog. However, last week, just as a family fell in love with him, he became seriously ill and was rushed to the emergency room. For the past week he has been fighting for his life as doctors struggle to understand why a two-year-old, seemingly healthy dog would go into renal failure. Though he is slowly improving, we are working closely with his doctors every day to keep him stable and find some answers.

With testing, treatment, and recovery, we are looking at around $7,000+  in medical expenses. It’s a hefty price tag, no doubt, but a small price to pay for the long life we hope he can look forward to. Look into these eyes, filled with pain and trust, and tell us he doesn’t deserve the very best care. There is power in numbers, and every bit counts. Please help us with Bon Jovi’s medical expenses as we work to give him the life he has always deserved. Please donate today.