One of the the main reasons for the practice of euthanasia is simply because there is not enough room for homeless animals in overcrowded animal shelters. Even at Paws 4 You Rescue, our resources are limited as our shelters aren’t as big as our hearts.
Still, the severity of lives lost can easily be lessened if more people commits to helping animals through becoming a foster home. When someone commits to fostering a rescued animal, they are committing to saving a life.

  • What is a foster home?
    1. Foster home serves as temporary shelter for an animal that is up for adoption, until it can be permanently placed in another home.
    2. Cares for the rescue animal just as it would any for other pet ensuring it gets meals, exercise, socialization, training, and grooming.
    3. Most rescue organizations will incur any medical costs.
    4. They are called upon to report on the behavioral tendencies and personalities of the pet to potential adopters
  •  Ideal Foster

      1. Anyone willing to take on the responsibilities of care taking for an animal for a short period of time
      2. Overcome the challenge of caring for an animal that is acclimating to a new environment
      3. A good foster home Doesn’t necessarily have to be pet free
      4. A fosterer should be prepared for the potential feeling of sadness when the animal is placed in a permanent home.