Before you commit to adopting a dog, research the costs and responsibilities involved. Use this as a guide during your research! Keeping a dog for a couple of months or years is THE WORST thing you can do to them.

    • Commitment to: all the dog’s life stages (puppy, adult, and senior). Commitment to keeping him even if things change for you (kids, moving, new job, new partner)
    • Flea & Tick Prevention
    • Yearly Vet Visit for: Vaccines, Heartworm Prevention|testing, and Microchip (keep information
    • Emergency Plan: What will you do in Case of a Natural disaster?
    • Unexpected Vet Emergencies and illness
    • Vacation Time: Boarding or Transporting; NOT ABANDONING
    • Daily Exercise and Proper Training
    • Basic Needs; Food, bed, toys, grooming, and treats