Success Stories

Sammy has turned out to be the most beautiful loving and trainable dog ever. Sam was confiscated by Miami-Dade Police due to neglect and abuse from his previous owners. And now he's in a happy home that spoils him. We could not be happier with our decision to rescue Sam. The adoption was exceptionally thorough, yet easy, not to mention Sam came neutered, and vaccinated (a significant help!); his first doctor's visit was also complimentary due to the partnership with the vet. Thank you so much Paw 4 You for adding a beloved member to our family!

-Veronica Villegas

Thanks so much to Paws 4 You! You are truly the best pet rescue in South Florida. Your dogs are lovely, well cared for, and so deserving of happy homes. Your volunteers are amazing and I’m so grateful to have met so many of you. Thanks for rescuing Lucy and Rambo and allowing them to be a part of our family.

-Laura & Joel Bello

Tank is such a welcomed addition to our family. We knew early on what a clever guy he was. Too little to jump up into the puppy lounger, he climbed a few stairs. From there, he slipped through the railing right into the lounger. Problem solved! Tank loves to play with our Beagle, chase our 4-year-old, and go on walks, visiting with the neighbors (but more than all of that, he loves to eat!). He's so curious, watching us as if he's trying to understand the methodology behind everything we do. He's truly an amazing
little guy.

-Mercedes & Fernando

The first time I met Falcor, I knew he would be perfect for us. We were grieving and mourning for our other dog Hermes when we got the chance to adopt Falcor. He more than filled that empty void and made us and our other dog, Chanel very happy.  We did not change his name, it was perfect for him - Falcor, "our luck dragon dog".

-Arnold & Rowena